“Alice, you are the best of the best…!”

As an out of state buyer and a remodel contractor with 25 plus years of experience in buying and selling homes, I can attest to Alice Medlock’s professionalism coupled with a wealth of information. Having worked in Johnson County, KS, a suburb of Kansas City and licensed in HVAC, electrical, & plumbing, while buying & flipping properties and renting homes, I have had both good & bad experiences with both FSBO & Realtors. One of greatest frustrations with Realtors are with those that flunked out of law school but think they can sell houses or with the realtor who thinks selling real estate is a part time, get rich quick scheme!!

Alice not only has consistently made herself available for an out of state buyer’s schedule, but has guided my wife and I through a commercial real estate pu7rchase and most recently through a residence with land purchase. Alice’s forthrightness, honesty and wisdom in purchasing in a market I was unfamiliar with has been a Godsend. Alice, you are the best of the best, a true professional, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Keith Gray, Overland Park, KS