“Thank You Alice! You are the best!!”

Four years ago I was in search of “my dream property”. Not sure I would be able to find it for the price I wanted to spend, but knew if anyone could locate it for me, it would be Alice. I told her I was looking for 5 to 10 acres out in the country with no screaming kids, no squealing tires, and no boom boxes around. I told her that is she could find that property in my price range, she would make a sale. Within thee days, she said she had three properties for me to see. My mother went along for the ride and informed me not to fall in love with the first place I saw because there would be another around the corner. With this in mind, we saw all three places, but I knew as soon as I saw the first place, that it was the place for me. It’s off a dirt road with a private drive – you can’t even see that road from my property and my home site’s in the middle of 6 acres which has two pastures which is plenty of room for me, my horses, and cattle dogs.

After we finished looking at the places, I told her I would think about it, knowing full well that I had made my mind up on the first place. After we left Alice, mom said she knew the first place was perfect for my horses and me. We closed on the deal within a month. Everyone, who comes to visit, says it’s perfect for me.

I recall shortly after moving in, mom and I going out to the pasture to see the horses – on the way back to the house, I stopped and said “Mom -listen!!” She said “What? I don’t hear anything.” I said with a grin, “I know! No screaming kids, no boom boxes, and no squealing tires – isn’t it heaven?

Thank You Alice! You are the best!! 

Cher Harris