“This turned out to be a huge blessing.”

Alice Medlock did a fantastic job in selling our home.

We were steered away from a possible bad situation, and towards Medlock & West, by a friend and former neighbor. This turned out to be a huge blessing. Alice was honest with us from the get-go. She was always responsive to our questions and concerns, and she handled all of our requests very promptly. Overall, she was very professional in her dealings, and was a pleasure to work with.

Our house sold within a month of being on the market, and we were pleased with the selling price we were able to get. The closing went off without a hitch. We were even able to arrange to rent the home from the buyers until the point at which we were ready to leave Van Buren, which was a huge plus.

If we did it over again, the only thing we’d change is that we’d have gone to Medlock & West first.

Thanks again to Alice for her hard work and also for the going away present-our dog Meg loves it as much as we do. 

Ben and Crystal Wyser